Original story: Alchymical Romance, Lee Battersby
Adapted by: Sajbrfem
Changes: Pronouns and gender specific terms reversed, Main character name changed to reflect common gender assumptions, some descriptive words omitted in the last section to help the flow of the new version.
Story length: Aprox 3200 words.
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License.


The problem was, she had never loved him. They both knew it, even in those moments after orgasm, when they leaned into each other and persuaded themselves that it meant more than shared sweat and another notch on a mental bedpost. Another boast for her mates, if only she had any.

Now he was gone, and it wasn’t his absence that kept her from re-entering the world. The thought of it wearied her before she started. The long, dreary process of nightclubs, and blind dates, and turning up for dinners with colleagues to find an extra male present and the only empty chair directly opposite. The whole thing was such a drudge, and he’d have to be a sexual athlete of Olympic proportions to make up for the love she wouldn’t feel for him. Too much trouble for the few weeks before his presence began to drain her of everything she held dear. Then he’d be gone, and the bar would be raised another notch for whomever came next, and where would it all lead her? A man with superhuman flexibility and the perverse nature of an Indian God, perhaps. A man made of fingertips and tongues, with no sense of shame.

And she still wouldn’t love him.

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